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Servicing these Locations.

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Adult Students:

Looking to receive your license or want to work on your driving skills? Click on driving packages.


Click here to schedule your driving lessons.

illinois driving school - Drivers Education
illinois driving school - Drivers Education
  • Did you already take the classroom or did your High School not complete your driving lessons? Call for special pricing.

We now offer the road test to any student under the age of 18. Please call us for more details. 

  • We cover it all from parallel parking, highway driving, changing a tire, city driving and everything else in between.

  • We still offer pickups service for all driving lessons within 5 miles of any of our locations.

We Are Not Your Ordinary Classroom

(See About Us for Details)


  • Our Drivers Education courses offer a comprehensive learning experience with hands-on experiences in a fun and friendly environment.


  • We cater to busy high school students and after-school activities with easy makeup policies.


  • All classroom and behind-the-wheel sessions are approved by the Illinois Secretary of State. 


  • All packages include expressway driving to Chicago (No Charge)

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