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Frequently asked questions are listed below.

What are the requirements to take a driver education course?

A student can enroll in a driver education course at the age of fifteen years old.  A student at the age of14 can take the class if they turn 15 by the last day of the course are also eligible.

When do I receive my permit?

An enrolled student in a driver education course that reports to the first class is eligible to receive their permit.  On the first day of the course, the student will recieve the necessary documents in order to go to the nearest Illinois Secretary of State office and receive their permit.  The Illinois Secretary of State requires $20.00 for a student permit.

If you are age 15-17, you must be enrolled in, or 30 days prior to active participation in, an approved driver education class.  Once you enroll for a course, management can work with in receiving a permit prior to the beginning of the course.

When can I start behind-the-wheel hours?

Once a student receives their driving permit, they will schedule a behind-the-wheel lesson with our instructors. The student may take behind-the-wheel lessons while in the classroom portion of the course.

What happens after a student completes his/her course?

Once a student has passed the 30 hour classroom portion and the 6 hours of behind-the-wheel/observation, the student will receive a letter of completion from the Illinois Security of State.

What do I need to receive my drivers license?

  • Completion for the 30 hour classroom portion and the 6 hours of behind-the-wheel/observation

  • Has maintained their driving permit for 9 months  (Based on Issue Date)

  • At the DMV, you will need to bring the following

    • Letter of completion from the Secretary of State

    • 50 Hour Driving Log (See Forms)

    • Driving Permit

    • Photo ID

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